Another album in production by Cute Princesses was announced on June 24 by their official company Starmedia. This album titled “Beautiful Day” (清新美丽) was later released On November 28, their New 2014 Chinese New Year Album was released for pre-order. This album is titled “Lucky Fortune” (招财进宝) and marks the first time only three members participate in a Chinese New Year Album, with Viki not participating in this album, instead Angel Bei Bei makes another guest appearance. The Pre-Release consists of the DVD+CD, signed poster, horse bookmark and horse red packet.
The group announced their upcoming Chinese New Year album to be released for the 2015 Chinese New Year titled “Perfect New Year Arrival” (新春十分嘉年华). They celebrated their 10th year as a group. With the release of this album, they also changed their English group name to Q-Genz.

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