A hungry little girl dressed in a yellow raincoat named Six is trapped in the Maw, a mysterious vessel catering to the whims of sick and powerful creatures. After waking up in the lower depths of the Maw, Six moves through the Maw’s harsh confines while having regular moments of excruciating, primal-like hunger. At one point, one of the other imprisoned children gives her a piece of bread to eat. Whilst ascending, she is soon pursued by the long-armed blind Janitor of the Maw, who has been capturing the runaway children, wrapping them in paper, and placing them on a conveyor belt that sends them to a large kitchen. After neutralizing the Janitor by cutting off his arms with a door, Six follows the conveyor belt upwards to the Kitchen (where the captured children are being sent) operated by the grotesque Twin Chefs. After another bout of hunger, Six is forced to eat a live rat. The Chefs are preparing a large feast and attempt to kill Six whenever she enters their line of sight. After managing to escape from them, she finds a way out of the Kitchen, leading her to the outside of the Maw.

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